Sorry I'm posting this on Oppo, but I don't have permission to post this anywhere else. Anyway, if y'all don't mind, I'd like to give a brief rundown of the good and bad of both consoles before anyone ventures into Kokatu, aka Playstation Nation.

Initial Impressions

My initial impressions about everyone else's initial impressions is that when the Xbox One was first revealed, everyone decided right then and there that they wouldn't get it. Now that E3 came around, everyone is jumping on the Sony bandwagon to confirm to themselves that they weren't wrong in making that premature decision.



Personally this isn't a big issue for me. As long as its a black box that can fit in my shelf, I'm happy. It's really funny to watch people applaud the Ps4's design so vigorously while simultaneously hating the Xbox's with such disdain. Face it, one employee (no telling who) probably leaked their design to the other company. The two boxes look pretty much identical. The Sony is a bit smaller and cooler looking, but in general, both are similar enough to not care about the exterior.

All That Sharing Games Commotion

This is where Sony's got a huge advantage...or so it seems. I haven't used a console since the first Xbox, but Steam has already prepared me for this lack of sharing. As for those who do still use consoles, I've observed that everyone who they would be willing to share games with buys the games with them so they can all play multiplayer stuff together. I know its anecdotal evidence and I could be wrong, but when was the last time you lent a new game to someone? Especially since the bulk of game design is being centered around multiplayer, I think people are making way too big of a deal about this.

Bringing a Game Over

So we've got sharing games out of the way, but what happens if you want to bring a game over to play with a friend. This situation is probably a bit more likely, and despite what it seems, Microsoft actually has a solution for this. Again, with its traditional method, Sony's still got the upperhand, but what Microsoft is failing to advertise is that when you log into someone else's XBox, all your games will be available for play. [disclaimer: I'm not 100% sure on this one].



Once again we see how Sony sticking to the basics pays off. The Ps4 can be played anywhere there's an outlet. The Xbox must connect to the internet. Yes, they'll let you go 24 hours without it, but for all practical purposes, you need internet for it to work. I'm actually really surprised why Microsoft isn't explaining this one, because when you take the time to see the reasoning, it makes a lot of sense. The Xbox is looking to the future (the very distant future) where we all have perfect connections and all of our computing is done on the cloud. The Xbox One is taking the first step in this direction by outsourcing various calculations and operations to massive Xbox serves to free up processing power on the actual console. Looking at the games from today's E3, I'd say it shows tremendously; with Xbox games seeming much more graphically impressive than the games shown at the Playstation conference. Of course, most were just trailers, and we're not yet at the tip of this generation's life span, but I feel as time goes on, Microsoft's gamble on the cloud will only prove more useful as games get more intense. Xbox may lose a few customers with their required internet connection, but for the bulk of its customers, it'll be no inconvenience outside of the occasional blackout or road trip.



If there is anywhere where the PS4 unquestionably dominates, it's price. For this, Microsoft should be worried; very worried. If you cast your minds back to 2005, you'll see the roles were completely reversed with the PS3 costing $499 and the Xbox costing $399. The extra $100 dollars cost Sony its PS2 dominance, and Xbox should be very worried about this.


Random Stuff

Microsoft is definitely betting on the long-term with their cloud-powered Xbox and brand new Kinect. Sony made a game console, and for most that will do nicely, but Xbox's ambitious plan to reinvent the living room (as if others haven't tried) will likely succeed in the future. Xbox live is a resource that Sony can't match, both in terms of games and entertainment, and Microsoft needs to capitalize on this if they want to stay in the game. In the long haul, I predict the Xbox will outpace the PS4 in both gaming and entertainment, but for many, the PS4's simple one-purpose design will still be the prefered choice. I'm doubting that any major percentage of Xbox users will be radically affected by the changes the new generation brings, so come Christmas, choose which console has your favorite exclusive games, and choose the one your friends are getting. Or, you could save yourself the trouble and just play on the PC.

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