I have yet to own an electric car. But when the day comes that I do, it will likely be a Tesla.

Before Tesla, the auto industry’s approach to BEVs was to make them as cheap as possible, even if that meant half-assing them by basing them on platforms meant for conventional vehicles with undersized battery packs that didn’t have proper liquid cooling.


When the Model S debuted, Tesla showed the world how great BEVs could really be when you design one without compromises.

When the Model S came out, people found a BEV that handled and performed like a Ferrari that got porked by a Luck Dragon:

And the Model S has only gotten better since then.

Of course this resulted in the rest of the auto industry as well as the oil industry getting really scared. And it made current owners of non-Tesla BEVs jealous and uncool.


So we have an ongoing thing with anti-Tesla hate that used to be reserved for the Toyota Prius.

I don’t have a thing against dealers, the rest of the auto industry, the oil industry or owners of non-Tesla BEVs... hell I know people who own them and I myself continue to drive a gasoline powered vehicle.


But there is definitely a morally bankrupt disinformation campaign against Tesla by those who feel threatened by it in some fashion.

Tesla has been a very healthy thing for the auto industry. It’s not what the industry wanted... but it’s the bitter medicine the industry needed.


They brought something genuinely new to the table (just like Toyota did nearly 2 decades ago with the Prius), they showed how everyone how to solve the infrastructure issue in a fairly cost effective way, and to everyone’s benefit, their BEVs basically killed any hope of mass adoption of the hydrogen car... which would have been an expensive and comparatively inefficient/inferior boondoggle that would have cost everyone dearly.

Go Tesla!!!

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