The package from Moscow arrived today with a 16mm Zenitar fisheye and a 50mm Industar 50-2. Expect my car review photos to get a whole lot more insufferable.

For some reason or another I can't get the aperture to adjust on the fisheye on the camera body or off, so it may be busted. I'll have to see if I need to take it somewhere to get assessed or fixed. It'll be nice to not be stuck wide open, as everything is a little soft focus at f2.8. Regardless, it's a fun lens and my interior shots are going to look painfully awful painfully soon.

Looking forward to trying out the Industar more, as all the tiny controls make the thing quite fiddly. Still, it's tiny! Fits my little Olympus very well.


Allow me to apologize for my shitty fartsy photos in advance.