Kinja won’t let me post pictures again.....

I am getting a massive cash injection soon so I plan on building my Skyline GTS-T. It will be a streetable car for autocross and I plan on taking it to Laguna Seca after it’s completed. I was supposed to go this August with a friend but the crash delayed me by a year.

Keeping RB20DET - will not be changing engines ever.

ARP head studs - already have, not in

660CC Injectors - already have, not in

Walbro 255lph -already have in.

Engine Maganement TBD by tuner, if Nistune then also Z32 MAF upgrade.

GTX2860R turbo - Sonic Performance makes a RB20/25 bolt in option on the Garrett GTX turbos. USD ~$1300…

Cam Gears - already have, not in - don’t think I will need cams for my goals.

Blitz FMIC - already on

Tomei Turbo Elbow - already on

Kakimoto R catless turbo back - already on

BC Racing BR Coilovers - already on

Clutch upgrade - haven’t decided on what kind.

Buddy Club P1 forged wheels (17x8 f 17x9 r +28)

Replace all window lining (front, rear, sides, weather strips, literally ALL).

Replace transmission mounts (one of which is cracked right now)

Nismo control arms and suspension links are a possibility as well. I already have replaced all bushings on parts I don’t plan on upgrading.


Nismo Diff (probably 1 way or 1.5 way) or S15 torsen upgrade.

I previously was going to use a R34 OP6 turbo I bought, was going to get it rebuilt as well and just use nistune and do a much cheaper build with what I have. This will be a much less laggy but also faster build. Probably will be great in autocross, which I plan on continuing doing.


I would not plan on going any further than this because I plan on buying a Autech Stagea or a R33 GTR when they became US legal. I will be keeping this car because the GTR will remain stock for preservation.