Peter Black’s post inspired me to post pictures of what my vehicle’s looked like when I bought them, and what they look like now.

2004 Scion xB(aka “Box”):

Bought in September of 2007, I’ve since put 132K on it(for a total of 224K). Upgrades include a lot of sound deadener, LED interior lighting, springs/rear sway bar/chassis H brace from when I was autocrossing it, and many other things too long to list. The pic below is essentially what it looks like, though it was taken 2 years ago so the paint on the bumpers & grilles is a bit rougher(a re-do is planned for the spring).

1964 Chevy C10 Pickup:


Bought in August of 2012 as I’d just bought a 115+ year old house and needed a truck to haul renovation supplies. I decided to combine my interesting classic car and my useful truck into one vehicle. While it didn’t look too bad, it turned out to be epically rusty underneath(like this for example). So the restoration is taking far longer than planned, especially because I need to be able to use it as a truck, so it limits how much can be torn apart at any given time. Progress is happening though, and I’m hoping to get the front end rebuild & upgraded to discs this winter and get the 3spd overdrive transmission in as well. I wish GM made a fuel-injected inline 6 I could swap in.

1996 Suzuki GS500E:


I’ve only had this for 2 months, so not much has happened except the wrap & new plugs. The hope is to tear into it this winter and get the valves adjusted & engine leaks dealt with, forks rebuilt, and tires & brake rotors replaced so it is top form come spring.