My Week in 4 (Not-So-)Short Paragraphs

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Taught my sister to drive stick, expensive repairs on my dad's Audi, spun my car, got to park in the garage.


Sunday afternoon I took my sister to our high school's parking lot to teach her to drive stick. She was okay and with a bit of practice she is gonna learn quickly, she just needs to be smooth. Although she did ask why anybody thinks it's fun.

Our A8L's starter has been going for a few months now, and Sunday it finally began getting to a point where my dad wanted to get rid of the car. He checked out a Porsche Boxster and was gonna pull the trigger, but he decided he liked his car better and just got the starter replaced. $1650 with tax, apparently they had to remove the sub frame to replace it.


It's been raining all week which has caused two problems for me. First was on Monday after I dropped my sister off at school for track practice. As I was leaving, the rain + RWD + no traction control + inexperienced driver (me) caused me to loose control of my control of my car while turning out of the school. My rear end spun mid-turn and I managed to spin the car onto the curb and came out (luckily) without any damage. I probably should have slowed down a bit more for that turn.

And finally, I got to park my car in the garage. As stated above, it is has been raining all week. My car has a small leak and since my dad's car wasn't here most of the week and because he likes me, I have been and still am parked in the garage. I'm using clear silicone to stop the leak but it seems the silicone I put on the car yesterday caused a faster leak today. hopefully the silicone I put on today fixes it.


(the lead photo is from last week)

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