My week is definitely not going as planned.

Phaeton for attention.

I expected this week to be like most others, boring and uneventful. That clearly isn’t the case. It started out mostly positive, as I got a nice refund check for a withheld reason from a withheld company, but then it all went badly.

My MacBook decided to crash yesterday, and it refuses to reboot. I tried rebooting in recovery mode, but it only gave me the option to install OS X Mountain Lion, which is very much incorrect. This might mean that all of my school files, photoshop projects, raw image files, and memes are gone. I set up an appointment at the Genius Bar on Friday to see if they can do anything.


So that leaves me without a computer and a means to do school work for a few days and it’s highly annoying. I don’t really want to have to buy a new MacBook, but if worse comes to worse...

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