So I have had 935's on the brain. Well, this weekend I got to put my hands all over one.

Well, sort of. This is a 1977 911 Turbo with a Kremer 935 fiberglass kit. Stored since 1990, this 911 had it's engine tickled by Brumos back in the day. Currently, 7K is on the clock.

After we loaded up a ton of parts we could get this fiberglass beauty out. The 356 you see there will be in our possession soon - cool story with that car too, but that is for a later date.


The car is just bonkers. The wheels are crazy wide. The body is absurd and I love it. The body work was never completed when installed and as you can see a strap is holding on the wing and two lower pins. Only existing body panel from the 77 Turbo is the roof. No one today would cut up an original 77 Turbo with 7,000 miles. We haven't dug up what year the modifications began but my guess is the early 80's.

We had to take the wing off for the 3 hour drive back up to Cincinnati. While we all really wanted to leave the wing on we couldn't risk that thing flying off on the highway. Not all the pins are installed on the wing area so into the back of the truck it went.


Stay tuned for more info and pictures as we dig up the history on this bad boy. Engine hasn't turned over since 1990 so stay tuned for that as well!