As my property lay covered in debris and hazardous plywood, I began to stress about what went from a to-do list to a to-do encyclopedia. I’m sure my neighbors driving through the alley were asking, “Why, why did they sell the house to the fuzzy guy who’s outside all the time?”

To answer your pondering, we have begun the first stage of our complete garage remodel. (Needed TLC :) )

I had an absolute massive amount of trash to haul this weekend result from its gutting by a contractor. I cut work off earlier than I like to squeeze in a dump (heheh... heh) run (also heh) on Thursday afternoon and one today right before they closed. I came straight home and loaded the fuck out of the truck for what was the third time. I managed to get everything in there! What I dreaded taking all weekend, having wisely chosen to get a head start will allow me to something other than rot in traffic and lines on a beautiful Saturday.

If I had my old short box this would be a nightmare, as the plywood would hang out back too far and would overall take at least five loads. But with the beautiful 7.5 ft bed that no one even offers anymore on “small” pickups, I will be free! Not to mention the awesome little factory hooks they welded to the outside of the bed under the lip.

And now, I shall drink a well-deserved beer.