This weekend I will be attempting to replace the drivers seat in my Crown Victoria.

The Problem

The drivers seat has been worn out for some time now and results in the driver not sitting level which hurts my back when I’m commuting a hour each way to work.

The Plan

I will be hitting up my local junkyard and hunting for a new replacement. I would like to try to find a Lincoln Mark VIII seat.


The Tricky Part

Two things concern me with the install. Mounting the Seat and the electronics. The seat may require making a custom bracket. The seats are also electric which means I will probably have to do some wiring to get it to work.
Edit: On the plus side my seat doesn’t have the optional side airbags so I won’t have to worry about that.

Estimated Cost

Seat: 65$
Bracket: ?
Electronic Supplies: ?
Guesstimate: under $100