One of the benefits of being from a family of car enthusiasts is that I always have interesting cars to drive when I come home to visit. My parents’ daily drivers are a 2004 Alfa Romeo 156 station wagon, and a 1988 Citroën BX 16v, both of which I have greatly enjoyed driving in the past. This time, however, we’re changing it up a bit.


Some years ago, my brother bought an ‘84 Toyota MR2, but took a trip overseas soon afterward, leaving the car in a friend’s garage. What was going to be a short-term stay became rather more permanent, and so the poor MR2 remained dormant. Now, three years down the line, he’s still off in Europe, and my empty-nester parents are leaving the family home for a place out in the country. Since I hadn’t been back home since the MR2 came on the scene, making a road trip out of ferrying the car down the country to the new place sounded like quite a good excuse for a visit, as well as a way to deal with the embarrassment of having “temporarily” left a car in somebody else’s garage for three years.

Not that far by American standards, but with NZ roads, this is a fairly epic trip.
Not that far by American standards, but with NZ roads, this is a fairly epic trip.

The plan is to take a week to drive the 1700 or so kilometers down to the new place, stopping to see friends and family on the way. With New Zealand’s famously twisty roads, it should be quite the drive, both spectacular and a whole lot of fun. The little MR2 should be in its element, though the prospect of driving that far in an an unfamiliar 33 year old car that has been off the road for three years is somewhat daunting. However, no matter how much goes wrong, it’ll be an adventure no matter what.

I set off in a few days’ time. Stay tuned for updates, and probably some posts about my family’s other ridiculous cars. For those who just want to look at the pictures, I’ll be posting photos to my Instagram (@halkyardo) as the trip unfolds.

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