2016, Blue Reflex Mica, Grand Touring AWD, with the Tech Package. Got a fairly good deal, and owner loyalty bonus. My wife and I got tired of shopping the used market, so we decided to pay the extra for a new one. Got them to throw in a few free accessories, but forgot that Remote Start wasn’t included, which isn’t a huge deal, but something to consider down the line as winter approaches. I’m personally thrilled my wife finally has come around to the idea of owning something that isn’t a sedan, and it’s roomier and easier to get in and out of than our Mazda6 sedans. We also have the luxury of selling her Mazda6 at a more leisurely pace rather than feel it needs to be gotten rid of ASAP.

It’s been a busy year for us, car-wise. I bought my 6 in April, sold the Volvo shortly after, bought another 6 as a backup car on Wednesday for a few hundred bucks (which, really, is kind of a steal), and then opted to buy the CX-5 today almost on a whim.

I’d post pictures but it’s dark and I like my anonymity, and the website photo shows fairly well.