My wife and I discussed the Regal TourX over dinner.

It’s not going to happen. Damn her and her being sensible. Sigh.

I told her after my trade in of the 6, the Regal would be like 10 thousand. Or less. She said “Still feeling a no. If it was 0 thousand, then I’d say sure.” I said “‘0 thousand’ isn’t even grammatically correct.” Then, my two-year-old son started throwing food or something at the table and the conversation ended.


I even tried the argument that the TourX would fit two kids exponentially better than my 6, since we will be having another baby next year or so. No dice.

I mean, she’s right. It’d be silly. But, it would be cool. I just love a wagon. With heated seats and remote start. And Apple CarPlay! Maybe I should start a GoFundMe...


So long, TourX. I hardly knew ye.

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