My Wife Has Been Converted

So my wife is borrowing a 2018 GMC Terrain that my FIL got as a loaner car while his Ford F-350 is being working on because I’m waiting on intention coils(my fault I didn’t complete my order the first time so they didn’t come, whoops) so my BMW is parked and I’m using her Fit. He’s not driving the GMC because he still has his old F-350 and would rather drive that. So he offered to let her drive the GMC while we’re down to one car.

Did ya get all that.

Anyway I asked her last night which car she wanted me to drive to work tomorrow, she laughed and said “I’m taking the Terrain obviously.”


in her words she likes the way it makes her feel “All grown” up in her macho looking SUV...ugh. She also said it makes her feel “Like i’m really a mom”. I fear that her next car purchase will indeed be a CUV. She seems to be on the same track as the herd, that owning an SUV even a small one means you are successful and mature.

maybe I can at least guide her towards one I kinda like.


The Volvo most suits her usual aesthetic tastes, as she tends to go for boxy cars. Her dream car for awhile was a first gen xb. I’m thinking about trying to get one on Turo for our trip to Denver but the one that’s available is expensive. I could get a manual WRX for less...

There’s also the Mini Countryman which I’ve told her I’m keen on, and she seems okay with. We could also get one of those as a Turo, a Cooper S All4 no less.


I am thankful though that shes warming up to the idea of a fancy looking car. Compared to her Fit, and the Cavalier before it the GMC looks, and IS very flashy. She has said many times that she doesn’t like flashy cars, but I think she’s finally realized the upside of a flashy car, is that they are also nicer on the inside, and usually more powerful, something she REALLY isn’t used to.

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