My Wife is Awesome

After coming to the realization that I no longer drive for fun,which is something that’s important to me, I brought it up to Mrs. Arrivederci in passing while we were out grabbing drinks while the little one was being watched by her Opa.

She was surprisingly receptive to the idea of me looking for something fun! I won’t call it a full on green light given how busy we are over the next couple of months, but maybe a yellow light, hah.

Given my previous ownership of a NC Miata, that’s probably where I’d like to end back up, but I’d also be interested in a NB2, despite the tighter cabin.

Yes, I’m aware that’s a NB1.

I’m primarily looking for something fun to drive on the weekends that will be competitive at autocross. I haven’t participated in a full season with our local group since winning STX in my old BRZ and would like to get back into it.

Given that the kiddo’s daycare costs more than a new 911 would over 60 months, I’m trying to keep the costs down on this endeavor, in the neighborhood of $5-7k. Requirements are: fun to drive, competitive at autocross, manual and RWD.

I’ve found a number of NBs and NCs, though sorting through them to find truly nice ones is more of a challenge.  I missed out on a really nice 2006 LE for less than $6k.


Anything else I should consider at that pricepoint?

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