She’s off to Colorado and I have been left to fend for myself with the baby, so I have reinstalled the car seat (I removed it because it was leaving dents in my cushions) and now I’m making food my way around here.

Heaven help you, young man, because your daddy makes crazy stuff.

Can’t sleep now, so I’m roasting poblanos that I’ll use along with some lightly sautéed onion as filling for a quesadilla for the baby’s lunch.


I also just realized that I forgot orange juice at the store this weekend, so I need to grab that on the way home from his drop off to make marinade for pollo asado for tomorrow’s lunch and dinner...

My car also just passed 20k miles, which gives me feelings, but it’s still the lowest mileage car I have ever owned by a good margin...

Poblanos. The three in here are the spiciest I’ve ever seen up here in WA. Like approaching jalapeño levels of heat. Pretty weird/crazy. They roasted really nicely, too. Skins came off really easily and they didn’t turn to mush like I’ve seen with a lot of them I get here.
Since I was at it, I ended up roasting my hatch chiles as well. Surprisingly, these are only marginally hotter than the poblanos, which are unusually spicy. The skins on these are crazy thick and easy to peel. This is a first - I’ve never cooked raw hatch chiles before, since they’re so readily available canned. They were just on sale at my grocery store, so I thought I’d try them.

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