My Wife Might be Getting New Car.

So most of my recent posts have been about finding my wife a new car to replace her cancer infected 2001 Crapvalier. I was really pushing fro a MK5 GTI, but we test drove a car today that she likes, and will work great fro both of us. After test driving a 2011 Fiesta yesterday and ruling them out as the interior was too cheap, and really it’s smaller than we’d like. We found a Tidewater Blue 2010 Honda Fit “Sport”

It’s got almost 38,000 miles She loves the color, it’s blue but looks purple in most some light. So it’s cute, it’s extremely piratical, and I don’t hate it. Good enough. We’re going to take it to a mechanic tomorrow, and then probably negotiate the price. There’s a 75% chance that She’ll be the proud owner of an okay car! Only bummer for me is there’s no sunroof.


Also Rally Fit.

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