My wife needs to buy a car. Currently planning on a new Crosstrek, anything else I should be looking at?

We’re moving to a place with lots and lots of snow (96 inches or more per year). She works on call in a medical field and will have to quickly and urgently get to work even in bad weather at all hours of the day and night. Her job has told her that she absolutely needs 4WD or AWD; it’s basically a condition of employment.

We’re planning to get a Subaru Crosstrek new. (Decent used ones really aren’t much cheaper, and I might as well get the warranty for an extra couple grand.) Anything else I should be considering? I’d prefer not to drive anything too gigantic, and gas mileage is a concern.



I require a car with 4 doors. I do need room for cargo or passengers. (A regular trunk would work fine.)

My price range is $25,000, preferably less.

This car will primarily be used for commuting in heavy snow, regular personal use.


Minimum # of seats: 4

Must haves (mpg/fast/high seating position/tech): 4WD or AWD, decent gas mileage a plus

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