So the other day, it’s time for an oil change. Yes, we’re silly people that take our vehicles to dealers for an oil change. It’s mean to send me to dealer lots. When I bought my Tacoma, I had narrowed my vehicles choices to two, the Tacoma that I ultimately purchased, and a Sublime Green Challenger Scat Pack.

Yes, responsible family guy gets truck. Sure, I can haul stuff in it. Yes, it comfortably fits the family, and our stuff. Yes, it’s easier to deal with during winter months. Yes, it was a few dollars cheaper. But damnit, I still admire these Challengers. I know it’s considered the lesser of the modern day muscle cars, but going on pure looks, this is the one that appeals to me the most.

Right now, this dealer has a B5 Blue Scat Pack shaker at an appealing price, with 0% financing AND a $2000 rebate. I’d love to get one, but I love having a truck at my disposal just a bit more.

Side not, Wrangler Rubicons are $46k-47k? That is absolutely insane to me!! Also, I’m 6'4", the Ram 2500 4x4 bed height is my shoulder height. I found that crazy, too.