is a guy thats never on time... and when he does wander in 5 to 10 minutes late hes stoned off his tits... he then spends most of his workday chatting to people about how much of a bad ass he was before he decided to get a real job and be more responsible..or just trying to get a rise out of people instead of working

how hes not been fired yet is beyond me

anyhoo a week and a bit ago he had a baby (well his girlfriend did...) congrats to them


yesterday was his first day back at work after a week of fresh baby leave

he turned up on time... and sober (or at least not in a cloud of haze wich is good enough for me) O.o... i was shocked... hes even reigned in his shit talking some... now hes irritating coz he wont stop chatting about the baby...but i guess thats normal


today... he turned up on time and sober again.... who is this guy?

do fresh babys give off some kind of instant adult vitamins or something?

anyhoo... he dropped something sharp n heavy and tried to catch it and had to be dropped off at the hospital to get stiched back together


guess i wont be seeing him for another week orso


awwww.... i was just starting to consider thinking about maybe not disliking the guy so much

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