My WRX is making dumb noises. Take a listen? (Morning Crowd)

Here are two of the awful noises my 2 year old car is making:

This is squeal happens only during cold starts and only when the car is sitting outside. It's probably the throwout bearing. It does it halfway through the clutch's engagement point. The car is in neutral while this is happening. It goes away after the car has been warmed up. Typically when I've driven about a block.


I'm having a shit of a time trying to get the dealership to work on it. I've taken it once, they've heard it, but now they want the shop foreman to listen to it and he's never around on the weekends. And they won't offer me a loaner car or a rental for the weekdays despite them needing to keep it over night in order to actually hear it. It's frustrating.

I was told to call Thursday and maybe, hopefully there might be a loaner available. That is if someone without a bigger issue doesn't come a long and snap it up before me.

Sound number 2 is a chirp. I hear it when I'm driving. It seems to be getting progressively worse. I used to not hear it during idle, but during around 1500 - 3000 RPMs. Now it's just a thing it does.


I asked the dealership about it when sound number 1 was being investigated. In true service department fashion they really couldn't hear it. I wasn't with them during the road test, and maybe it was less audible, but I'll bring it up again. I'll show them this video, but doing so doesn't really help. The car has to be doing it in their presence, and my WRX is a fucking asshole when it comes to this stuff.

I've had the original turbo replaced so far. It was leaking oil. I'm nervous about them possibly needing to further pull apart my car. The last thing I want is for this thing to be disassembled in case something is overlooked and my car is left in worse shape. But it's a $30,000, 2 year old vehicle. It shouldn't be doing this shit.


Any ideas on what's wrong? I know it's just sound. It's hard to discern anything from just that.

The car is an entirely stock 2013 WRX.

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