Here are some facts about me. I drive a 2006 naturally aspirated Mini Cooper, I love cars, and I live in rural Louisiana.

Being a guy and driving a Mini in Lousiana really makes you pop out. Sometimes this is a pretty fun thing. The closest Mini dealership is over 150 miles away so I have one of only three Minis in town, which makes it kind of like driving a Lamborghini. Every time you stop at a gas station someone's going to ask you about it. Little kids are going to wave at you and ask to sit in it, and people are going to take pictures of your car. Also a fun bonus is that some women love it. I haven't really worked out why, but I honestly don't question a good thing.

However sometimes this attention can be unwanted. You'll get idiots in their giant pick-up trucks that'll yell insults at you at red lights. If I had a nickle for everytime I was called the "F" word I would be able to afford several new Minis probably. Though I don't really care. Why should anyone be insulted by being called the "F" word by someone who so needs to prove to themselves that they're strong that they feel the need to insult random people on the street based on their car choice. Yeah it's an annoyance but I don't really care. (However the one time that my dad was riding with me and it happened I just about had to restrain him from jumping out and breaking the guy's neck.)

Also living in the country and having a small car often times requires you to use it in ways that manufactures didn't originally intend. For example, my family owns six horses who need food. This is my car every monday and friday.


That's 4 bags of horse food (my high score being six bags, a tractor fuel tank, two twelve packs of tomato plants, and my brother). I also regularly pick up hay bales, 2x4s, and all sorts of other fun things. Also when I go visit my grandma my Mini Cooper pulls double service as a makeshift rally car on a road designed for trucks. But you know what? It does all of this well and without ever complaining. It deals with the little kids asking to sit in it, the idiots who slam it, dealing with dirt and pothole filled roads, picking up two-hundred pounds of horse feed and hay twice a week, the extreme temperatures, and you know what? I love it for it.