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Mystery leak!

OK, Oppo hivemind, what the hell is going on? Taking my car to the shop today. It’s leaking, but - and I’m frankly embarrassed to admit this - I’m not sure what. Leak is somewhere on the driver’s side inboard of the front wheel. (The stain on the ground is just behind the front wheel, but it looks like there’s a good amount of wet down there, so it’s tough to see where it’s coming from without the car on a lift). I thought it was oil, but I’m not sure. It’s oily, but has no discernable smell at all. When I’ve had even small oil leaks before, if it’s enough to drip onto a surface, it’s enough to smell very much like oil. So if it’s not oil, not ATF, not coolant, definitely not brake fluid..what the hell could it be?


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