So yesterday Gawker had a story about a U.S. flagged cargo plane that had to make an unscheduled fuel stop in Zimbabwe on a route from Munich to South Africa.

When the plane was inspected officials in Zimbabwe noticed blood coming out of a hatch near the front of the plane. When it was inspected, a dead body was found. Also of note the plane was carrying the equivalent of nearly $1 billion in South African Rands.

Sounds pretty strange already, doesn’t it. They body was a suspected to be a stow away that got caught in the front landing gear and crushed. The cash turns out to be an official shipment to the South African Government from a facility in Munich that prints it for SA. Mystery, right?

Maybe not.

South African reports are now suggesting the pilots and crew may have been aware of the body and were trying to ditch it somehow. Remember the unscheduled fuel stop? Why would they not have calculated their fuel requirements properly? Reports are they were flying at low levels which consumes fuel more rapidly. The body was not actually found in the landing gear area, but in an equipment hatch. There was nothing in that area that would mangle a body. It seems the body wasn’t mangled, but decomposed and the blood was actually a mixture of various bodily fluids.


The pilots told ground officials the blood smear on the plane was just a bird strike - nothing to see here. However, an official could see blood still dripping from the plane and insisted on inspecting it. Before the pilot opened the hatch, he donned a pair of latex gloves, seemingly aware there was a biohazard about to present itself.

Photo of plane taken in Munich. If you zoom you can see the smear near the bottom under the door.


Opening the hatch in Zimbabwe.…


Stay tuned. This could get more interesting.