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Mystery Solved [Update]

Three days ago, the hotel staff irritated me by blocking off the route I normally use to get into the parking garage. Two days ago, they started setting up tents in the parking lot. Yesterday, my way out of the parking lot was blocked by three car carriers. This morning, I discovered all the cars had been unloaded and parked in/around the tents. The signs told the story - VW is holding a press event at my hotel today. If it’s still up when I get off work, I’m going to crash the party!

[Update] Despite leaving the office early so I could crash the event, I missed it. I did, however, discover what it was all about. It wasn’t a press conference, it was a training session. From the signs, the stickers on the cars, and the whiteboards they left behind, it looks like corporate was there to teach the locals (sales managers, salesmen, who knows who else) all about their 2019 lineup and how they compare to the competition.

What I found most amusing was the whiteboards. Top Reasons to Buy a Corolla? How about a bunch of responses to Toyota’s claims?


I wasn’t able to get much before the security guard caught up with me. He was nice enough to let me grab a free bottle of water and a couple of leftover cookies, so I’ll try to keep him out of trouble. He did his job, I was just faster than he was and made my entrance from the back of the lot.


That explains why they had a Corolla and a Civic mixed in with the flotilla of Jettas.

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