Hello Friends and Esteemed Colleagues,

As some of you know, I am selling my 2012 A5 (message me if you want it) and I am trying to decide what I want to get next. I am looking at three different cars currently. Two of them have the N55 single turbo I-6 and one has the older but more souped up N54 twin turbo I-6. I am considering the 535i and 335i, but I noticed that the 335is with the N54 is roughly the same price. I have heard some moanings from people that have had those engines and I don't want to buy something that I am going to have to constantly pour money into, so please, if you wouldn't mind, divulge all of the things good and bad about the N54 and N55 that you know. I want to make the correct decision here.

N54 = 320HP 370 Torque (overboost mode)

N55 = 300HP 300 Torque (no overboost)

Have a lovely day.