Dealer conversation below, picture sort-of related because Honda.

"Hi this is _____ from _____ Honda. We are following up on your internet inquiry.

Are you still in the market for a Honda?"

-"I'm a consulatant, I am shopping for a buyer that is interested in a Honda."

"Oh, well when would you like to come into the dealership?"

-"I don't go to dealerships, I communicate via phone or email with sales staff to negotiate pricing."


"O.k. well, when can your customer come to the dealership."

-"When you guys give me the best price on the car in writing."

"Uh, that is normally not how it works. We usually discuss pricing when they come in."


-"Let me put it this way...when you buy a TV you shop around and determine who has the lowest price. Then you go to that store or order online. You know how much it will cost before to go and see it right?


-"That is what my customers want and that is why they hire me. They are not going to drive an hour to your dealership without knowing exactly what the vehicle will cost."


"So what do we have to do to get your business."

-"That is easy, give us the cheapest price for the car we want."

"O.k. I will have someone get back to you."