While it may not be the highlights of the show (since that depends on what you’re into) these are the highlights of the pictures I took this year, so have a peek!

Now that I have your attention...

I’m really looking forward to the wagon - even as the sedan this is a very good looking Volvo.

On the other side, we have, uh, this, which I’m pretty sure was inspired by Portal 2.


I also really really really enjoyed getting to see the new 124 in person, which I’ve been having a love affair with since I saw the first pictures. Having now seen it in person, I can confirm that it is beautiful and I desperately need one. When do they show up at the dealer again?


On a related note, I’d like to take a moment to complain about the lighting in the entire FCA corner of the show - I honestly couldn’t tell what color some of the cars there were, since the blasting music and flashing colored lights and strobes masked just about everything. It also made it very hard to take pictures - I have three pictures of the same Viper which is distinctly a different color scheme in each.

This, too.

Next up was Buick, which I think surprised everyone with this. It looks pretty good! Seems like they’re taking the “That’s a buick?” thing seriously.


Finally, of course, the GT was upstairs (how did they get it up there? I just thought of this) in white. It seems to look good in every color, probably because it just looks good.


Hopefully Kinja doesn’t eat these pictures as it likes to do.

I have more pictures I’ve not posted for various reasons, but if there’s something you know was at the show you want a picture of, I can look to see if I got one.