Name the best vegan chocolate/snack/bar!

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Hi Folks, long time no see. I’ve added a picture of my longboi, so maybe some longtime readers remember me. During the ‘Rona and even before I was pretty busy at work so I neglected my posting duties. But I have a serious question. What vegan snack/chocolate/bar would your recommend? I know we have some vegans here so I’d like to tap into the collective knowledge here.


The situation is as follows, stuff happened at my school and I ended up being acting principal. I have a great team behind me and they did more than astonishing work this week, which is our preparation week until students come back next Monday.

Two of them will get a nice flower bouquet each tomorrow as a token of my appreciation.


My second in command, which was my first pick, and I’m glad she accepted, is more difficult, though. Flowers would be weird. She’s a vegan and I’d like to gift her some “nerve nutrition” to stash away at her desk for hard times which we will inevitably hit this school year.

As you can see on the number plate, I’m in Germany so bonus points for stuff that can be ordered on amozon or the likes. Not really that time sensitive, we’ll have to work together for the whole year, hopefully longer.


And yes, I also accept questions about how I can even afford a laptop and working wi-fi while owning a Bangle era BMW which I bought over three years ago without any warranty.

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