This thread got me thinking. What are some themes that car manufacturers use to name their cars?

VW, for one, has several themes.

1. Trade winds and other famous wind names: Passat, Bora, Golf (Gulf stream), Scirocco, Jetta (jet stream?), Santana (Santa Ana winds), Vento (wind), etc. Maserati did the same with Bora, Ghibli, Shamal, Khamsin, and Mistral. Zonda and Huayra take after an Andean wind and an Andean god of wind.


2. Golf then spawned other golf themed names like the Polo (supermini) and Caddy (van).

3. The Golf was sold in the US as the Rabbit, so that also spawned animal themed names like the Fox and Lupo (wolf).


4. There's also Phaeton, Apollo, and Eos, which are named after Greek gods. Sharan and Touareg have cultural connotations.

Then there's Tiguan. Tiger + Iguana...