Your correspondent has bought a used Nexus phone to replace an increasingly temperamental Samsung in the event of it deciding to retire itself.

Took it home and started to extract the SIM card from the Samsung. Took off back, slid out SD card, tried and failed to slide out SIM card. Asked Mr Google, who recommends using a pencil eraser to get enough grip to slide the card out. Worked perfectly.


Next step is to figure out where the card goes in the Nexus. Mr Google comes up trumps again. Use the tool supplied, except that it’s been lost. Use pin. Doesn’t work. Use paperclip, which does work.

Offer up SIM card to Nexus card tray, make discovery. There’s a type of SIM smaller than a micro. What’s smaller than micro? Nano. Can you get both a micro and a nano for the same phone number? No. You have to get a nano and an adaptor to use it in a micro phone, except that the adaptor may jam irretrievably.


Life is indeed wonderful.

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