Turn your speakers down, because here comes the roar of the mighty 22R. Laugh all you want, but it is in the argument for greatest engine ever built. Good mileage, and unparalleled reliability. Ok, I admit you wouldn’t even hear it if my son fired up the T Bird, and nobody ever pined for that exhaust note. But it helped build Toyota into a behemoth.

I am wearing leather motorcycle gloves because I do not have driving gloves yet. Here are my impressions.


that thing looks fucking cool as hell. That is all.


It fits the car perfectly. It may be sacrelige to say this in light of my love for keeping my cars stock, the stock steering wheel ONLY had the appeal of being stock. Otherwise, it was a cheap-ass hunk of 80s plastic and rubber, and it was ugly as hell. Hey, I love this car, but I am not going to pretend 80s Japanese interiors rivaled 60s British roadsters.


Holy shit, this makes a big difference. The wheel has a smaller diameter, which makes it feel like I can just whip the car around like a go-cart.


The bigger difference is that the stock unit was flexible and soft, and muted feeling the car through the wheel. The Nardi is the opposite, wot h the metal and steel transmitting a lot of feel through my hands and making me feel more in control. I really like it. It also has a thicker grip, which feels better in my hands.