Unfortunately, for my wallet, I found out Japanese Miatas came with an option for wooden Nardi-branded 5-speed shift knobs and dayum do they look good!

I mean, look at how nice the grain is and the shape is perfect, it's the exact same shape as the OEM leather knob in manual NB (except Mazdaspeeds) and NA Miatas.

Hell, it even weighs close to the original knob at 6.1 ounces (oem is 7.2). As a point of reference, the odd-looking Nardi Evolution knob that came on early LE Miatas was a poor 2.1 ounces and owners swear it's bad in terms of making the shifts feel really notchy compared to the stock time.

"But, Ender, didn't some NB special editions sold in the US come with wooden knobs?" That's true except they were all 6-speed cars, namely the 2001 SE!


Anyway, these are supposedly hard to come by since they were "JDM-only" but I found a supplier one state-over who might have a new one in stock for 60$ (msrp is 70$). So, do you guys think it's worth the price to upgrade my black leather, semi-worn shift knob out for a pricey yet, super stylish new wooden OEM variant? Or is it a bit too flashy? Here's my interior as-as.