Indian driver Narwhal Karthadasian is in talkings to make himself the driver of the last seat for force india in forumla 1 this season. He is sponsored by tata motors who make cheap cars which is good for f1 because of being low with money especially force india because it is poor there. He is the former racing man for Hrt racing which shows that force indian loves money more than winning races because he is slow which is finding odd to me because narwhal is the fastest of the sea creatures, second to the sailfish. 

It is pleasing to me for Nascar to be next week as it is the premere racing in the world. I am confused because nascar has 4 seats in each car but 1 driver and F1 has 1 seat in the car but 2 drivers which must be uncomfortable for the seat man and nice feeling for the other man since europe is into that. If F1 had more money they could add in seats and then they would be better at driving because they could have a partner if they get lost.