NASA - Symphonies of the Planets

Everything below this is only going to be of interest to the nutcases here.

These recordings are processed using complex computer digital sampling techniques. 3-d surround sound processing with B.A.S.E. (Bedini Audio Spacial Environment) and B/MR Processing. 5-CD set of audio recordings of the electromagnetic “voices” of the outer Solar System, as recorded by instruments on board the Voyager I and II spacecraft.


Most of this is an outright lie. There are small pieces of the actual sound collected somewhere in these 2:33. The majority was compiled to be relaxing and spacey, therapeutic. There is also no sound in space so there are a lot of answers missing.

In fact what we are really looking for is raw data collected by these two space ships that is in the public domain and online. Along with explaining the process of turning what was collected into sound.



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