NASCAR got it half right, but mostly wrong. 50 point penalties sound good, but that's the same penalty they tried to give Kenseth earlier in the season for an inappropriate engine part. Sure there's a huge fine and an indefinite suspension to go with the point penalty, but I'd like to argue that a point penalty isn't even necessary.

Truex benefitted from team orders when the 15 and 55 cars made pit stops under green. The problem is in any team situation what they did makes complete sense. The only real heinous act was the intentional spin. Yet the penalty for that intentional spin is to penalize Truex and not Bowyer. How does that make any sense? Truex didn't spin and didn't ask Bowyer to spin.

The appropriate penalty would be to remove both MWR cars from the chase. Bowyer is the one who intentionally spun and created all of the problems NASCAR is facing today. By allowing Bowyer to take part in the chase they're running the risk of him winning the championship and giving NASCAR a major black eye. If you're not going to remove both MWR cars from the chase leave Truex in the chase and remove Bowyer.