First we have a converted to RHD FJ60, actually seems like a decent deal if it is all in good order: $4700 bet he would take 3 grand all day.

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Next up is yet another Land Cruiser, but this one is an 04 (not sure the manufacture codename) and in Chattanooga, TN. Nice area lots of fun outdoor life stuff to do. But it has 195k miles and the owner still wants $14500 for it. I truly hate that LC's carry this kind of value after 11 years and literally all the miles in the world.

Now we have a project (read - money pit) 1979 Porsche 928 manual. $1500 which I bet $950-1100 would take it.


And now let's look at some nicer things. How about a seemingly well kept NA 1985.5 Porsche 944?


Anyone feel like getting scammed? Wife doesn't want it because "it's too nice". Right. Sounds legit, I dunno probably could be if they had a bunch crib-midgets and crumb-snatchers running around. Can tell you one thing though, these look really good on a showroom floor and are apparently very quick.

What about a much TLC needed e39 M5? Mmmm, can you smell the Benjamins burn?


Ok, so this next one, diesel.....manual......Land ROVER Discovery I!!!!!! Who else is excited about the many hours needed to keep this girl turning wheels in the name of adventure? This looks potentially awesome and heartbreakingly difficult.

Okay, so everyone in America feels shafted by the so-called "weak" E36 M3. So I propose to you Oppos by this tidy E36 M3 coupe example and drop in this low mileage (69k) S54 engine, manual transmission, wiring harness, and all other necessary electronics. And if you have cash in hand you could easily get both done with 10k.



Fully functional E36 M3


Or perhaps Sir has enough liquid capital to buy himself an outstanding example of a well-loved and used air cooled 911SC. Truly looks to be in great shape. And is calling for a fair bit of money, but I bet 20k cash would take it.

Okay now who wants to see something truly weird? I know I do. Well, look no further than the strangest state I have ever been to, Missouri. (Seriously, some weird people, pretend to be southerners but act like midwesterners and yankees). Now this is not the greatest Porsche of the 80s. NO! This is a tribute!!!


BTW folks Postings (CLapp) is a great mobile Craigslist app. I am not in car sales and none of these are my listings, i'm just waiting on responses from colleagues to finish some projects at work.