This is happening again! Before I even posted it I have a list of five,six, seven, eight, eleven, thirteen, fifteen who are in! Read for more details.

The Plan:

We will be meeting in Brentwood, convoy over to Cool Springs C&C(same as last year), then convoy up to the Lane Motor Museum again. The displays have changed and more cars have been added to the basement. I will make reservations for lunch(so we really need to know how many people) and then with the help of some other Nashville Oppos, will have a fun driving route planned out. We can stop at another few places along the way but it is still tbd on that aspect. Since we have a fair amount of people this year that are able to participate in consuming alcohol venturing to downtown Nashville for/after dinner, that is in the works as well. If anything changes we will let everyone know. I am still working on solidifying details

When? June 2nd. It is far enough away from the ToTD Meet but we can still go to the first of the month C&C.

Any other questions? Ask them here. Last year was a lot of fun but I think I could do a better job in a few areas. Everything is a leaning experience.


UPDATE: Email if you are planning on coming. Using this template;


Oppo Handle:


Preferred Method of Communication(i.e. Whatsapp, Discord, Slack, Group Text):

Will you have someone else with you?

Their name:

Misc. Info We Should Know: