This is happening again! So far I have a list of five,six, seven, eight, eleven, thirteen, fifteen thirty-one people and 19 20 cars who are in! Read for more details. Updates!

The Plan:

We will be meeting in Brentwood, convoy over to Cool Springs C&C(same as last year), then convoy up to the Lane Motor Museum again. The displays have changed and more cars have been added to the basement. We will go back to the shop for a BBQ lunch as we have too many people for every restruaunt. Then we will be going on a couple hour drive with a stop at a distillery I think. Since we have a fair amount of people this year that are able to participate in consuming alcohol venturing to downtown Nashville for/after dinner, that is in the works as well. If anything changes we will let everyone know. I am still working on solidifying details


When? June 2nd. It is far enough away from the ToTD Meet but we can still go to the first of the month C&C.

Any other questions? Ask them here. Last year was a lot of fun but I think I could do a better job in a few areas. Everything is a leaning experience.

New Info:

-Please email me if you are have your numbers figured out for sure

-I have secured access to the Nissan Heritage Collection at the Lane! Boom.

-My Parents are bringinga BBQ lunch for us to eat the shop. Should be cheaper for everyone, but they’ve talked about just sponsoring it so we’ll see!


-Shirts might happen on a more limited basis. We couldn’t get enough bought.

Email Me if coming: Email if you are planning on coming. Using this template;


Oppo Handle:


Preferred Method of Communication(i.e. Whatsapp, Discord, Slack, Group Text):

Will you have someone else with you?

Their name:

Misc. Info We Should Know:

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