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Nashville Oppos... Help again please!

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Finally found an apartment, got everything approved along with renters insurance etc. Heading up Saturday morning to sign the lease and get moved in. It’s right near the NW corner of the airport and about 6 miles to Broadway (read; 10-15$ Uber ride which is just absolutely perfect). Just using Broadway as a central point here, I’d have to imagine it’s fairly expensive.


Anyways, I’m going to be working a lot but I’m in my early twenties and really enjoy being out and about when I have the chance. Once in a while I like to stay in and be by my lonesome but for the most part I get antsy and need to get out. I’ve tried some Google searches but just couldn’t come up with much good info from “locals”; mostly just tourism sites from the state.

It’s a weird feeling for me, whenever I’m back in Chicago I just feel like I’m back home, even if I haven’t been there in 8 months. I know the spots, I know which streets are ill advised to drive down after 10pm, etc. so feeling “touristy” isn’t something I’m really familiar with. So just looking for some good spots if you guys and gals have any suggestions.


If this helps at all; I like really cheap beer, I love country music, and I’m on a new grad budget.

Thanks again

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