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Nashville potholes are the devil incarnate.

My wife and I headed two hours south last night for a Valentine’s getaway in Nashville. Left my son with his grandma and the dog with my grandma.

Got to the hotel just fine. I-65 was smooth as silk, surprisingly. Left the hotel to head to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, and bam. 70 MPH plus a giant pothole on I-440. Sounded like a bomb went off under the car. The left front tire was done for.

Got the tire changed with Mazda roadside assistance (my wife didn’t want me doing it since it was the driver’s side and cars were speeding past at 80 MPH). Amazingly, no one stopped to help nor did anyone try to merge into the other lane as we sat there on the shoulder.


Made it to dinner, but the whole experience had us so shaken up that we lost our appetites.

Took it to Nelson Mazda in Nashville first thing this morning. The wheel balanced fine, thank God. Not bent or cracked, which was surprising.

My factory Dunlops had about 10k of life left in them and my OCD couldn’t handle just one or two new tires. So, we used our savings and got four new Yokohamas.

Nelson Mazda in Nashville was fabulous through the whole thing. They understood my car OCD and took great care of me. Gave my car to the most experienced technician they had.


So, Sylvia the 6 now has a fresh alignment and four new shoes.

Steer clear of I-440 in Nashville. By all means.


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