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Nashville/SE Oppo Meet 2017!!!

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So. TysMagic and I have been talking about this for a while but here is the Official Post fo the Nashville/SE Oppo Meet 2017! Here are the details -



Oppo Members(Especially Oppo Elite Gold Platinum Members), Significant others(I’m bringing the lady who will be my wife of a week and a half on the meetup and Tys is bringing his for sure), friends who are not on Oppo but like cars, and whoever else wants to have fun.



Saturday, June 3rd at 6:30-7:30 a.m.


1) We are starting out at my parent’s shop at 7 a.m. in Brentwood, TN to group up and meet everyone. We may have Donuts.

2) At 7:30(ish) we are caravanning to Cars and Coffee Nashville and can all park together(10 minutes away)

3) Around 10-10:30 they ask that everyone leaves so that the Movie Theater can open and we will be heading to Lunch at one of the delicious local Nashville places that we can vote on. Options as of now include Martins BBQ and The Pharmacy


4)Lane Motor Museum(Need I say More). Cost is around $12 per ticket but may be less/more depending on numbers and basement tickets

5)Arrington Vineyards. The backroads to reach this Winery are pretty darn fun, the wine is pretty darn good, and the scenery is pretty darn great. I even got engaged here.


6)Depending on everyone’s thoughts we can break up here or continue the fun and play it by ear. Downtown Nashville(Broadway), Midtown(near Vanderbilt University), or just a fun local bar/restaurant are all options.

If this interest you email SEOppoMeet@gmail dot com with your name, Oppo handle, where you’re coming from, and what car you are driving so Tys can add you to the Google Doc for future contact.


If you have questions regarding anything on here, comment.

Everyone who can please come! It will be a lot of fun!


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