National Carriers Truck Fiasco

So there is a video making the rounds on Facebook, which I will link below. It is purportedly of a National Carriers truck driver “cutting off” a vehicle attempting to merge onto the highway. However, if you read the comments, and then watch the video, it becomes apparent that the driver of the camera car simply doesn’t understand how to merge onto freeway traffic, and is an idiot for making a big deal about something that was actually his own fault. In the video comments, we see National Carriers themselves responding to comments, saying that they found that their operator was not at fault, etc... it all seems pretty straightforward.

The guy driving the car is clearly a moron. End of story... right?

Well, not so much. Watch the video again... in HD... and fullscreen.

What you see is entirely different. You see a vehicle entering the highway using an on-ramp that becomes its own lane. You can see this because the [mostly worn away] dashed lines to the left of the car are normal “this-will-remain-a-lane” lines, and not the short “get-the-fuck-over” lines. And so the car proceeds to continue on to pass the truck on the right, which is never a good idea, but in this situation I can understand why they did so, rather than having to slow down and move across two lanes. In any event, just as they come even with the truck’s rear bumper, the truck puts his turn signal on, and abruptly changes lanes, forcing the camera car onto the shoulder.

Now, we can argue about whether or not the car was a contributing factor, and how they should not have passed on the right, but at the end of the day, this incident occurred because the truck driver did not properly check his mirrors prior to changing lanes. What bothers me most, is that National Carriers seems to believe that their truck driver did absolutely nothing wrong (based on the replies they are giving in the comments section), which means they either didn’t look at the video properly, or didn’t watch it at all!

Watch the video, and tell me what you think!…

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