Last weekend I bought a pretty great Hamilton Khaki Field automatic, but I wasn’t enamored of the strap. I then found an awesome website selling NATO straps, and they were cheap enough I thought I’d buy a handful and see if I like them. Here’s what showed up:

Right on the top there is a very nice Buffalo leather strap that is gorgeous, rugged, smells awesome, and I hate it. WAY too thick. Plus it’s got this weird double strap thing going on that I can’t get to buckle without popping a spring pin out.


So that’s probably going back, but let’s take a look at some NATOs!

They call this one an MI6 Bond, and this is an RAF style strap with a cloth sleeve for the excess strap rather than metal loops. I like this one a lot, really sharp colors.


This is the one I was planning to wear every day, straight up black with black hardware. Not much to see here, but nothing to complain about.


And of course, because you’re reading this on Oppo, this is the one you noticed first. BMW Motorsport colors, with brushed metal hardware. I love this strap so much, I’ve shifted my search for a cheap old Mercedes E320 wagon to a cheap old BMW 5 series wagon. This thing is awesome and comfortable, couldn’t be any better.

If you’re interested, the website is NATO Strap Co, and yes, they do have a strap in Gulf colors.