Just a reminder that The United States of Truckmerica doesn’t have a new Nissan Frontier, but Mexico does.

It comes with a 2.5 I4 gas engine with 158 hp and 172 lbs-ft or a 2.5 I4 diesel with 2 tunes; 161/297 or 188/332. The diesel engines combined fuel economy is 32-33 mpg (gas is 26). The transmissions are either 6 speed manuals or a 7 speed auto (looks to be exclusive to the high tune diesel)

Its the same Navara NV300 the rest of the world gets but...there it is as a Nissan Frontier. So, if you wonder what a Navara based Frontier replacement looks like...now you know.


Given that Mexico is a NAFTA member (no chicken tax) and that this and the Renault Alaskan are built there...why the ever loving hell isn’t Nissan bringing this here to replace the ancient D40 Frontier? Are they trying to figure out what engine to put in there besides the diesel?