Luftwaffe and Ferdinand Porsche specifically. Did you know Oppo that Porsche was a member of the SS? Furthermore and I quote, "Ferdinand Porsche was quite insistent that in addition to the 3,500 concentration camp prisoners already employed by VW at this point, still more were needed... According to survivors, they were not ill-treated a the VW main works, at least in comparison to their short time at Auschwitz, but they were badly undernourished." (Backing HItler p. 216) Eventually these skilled metal working craftsman would be taken to a quarry in Tiercelet. At Tiercelet the prisoners skilled trade would not be put to good use.

By the way Ferdinand Porsche was a Nazi party member yet he was Czech born. Ethnic German perhaps but in the eyes of a Nazi party member Porsche was subhuman yet still a Nazi. Hypocrisy is a funny thing.