So I went to the North Carolina department of motor vehicles this morning to renew my drivers license. It went extremely well.

NC licenses don’t automatically meet the RealID requirements, so in early 2018 I would have needed my passport to fly domestically. My license was up for renewal, so I brought all of the paperwork needed to get the special gold star (literally) of a RealID license.

10 minutes in line to check in, 25 minutes of waiting, and maybe 5 minutes at the desk! That exceeded my expectations.

As I was paying, the staffer explained the charges, including the extra charge for my motorcycle endorsement.

“Wait, I dropped that 8 years ago, the last time that I renewed.”

“Well, it’s still in the system.”

“My wife is going to be unhappy about this. But leave it on!”

She had already run the charge, and I figured it covers me in the rare possibility that I drive on two wheels.


Afterward I felt a bit silly. I haven’t ridden a motorcycle in almost 17 years, except for taking my brothers bike up and down his block. It was a waste of money, but, eh, who knows. Still, my wife will be very anxious if I do start to ride, which is why I stopped, because I prefer to save my stress causing adventures for other things. We’ll see what stupid choices this makes possible.