NC Oppo Meet?

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A few weeks ago, four of us on here (m-b-w, Justin Westbrook, A guy that left early to get ice cream, and I), met in the parking lot of a Whole Foods in Greensboro. It was a good time, and I think we should do it again.


I think we should change the location, to a more central location, if there are no issues with that. Using Google Maps, I have discovered that Chapel Hill is roughly 45-50 minutes from Raleigh, Apex, Greensboro, and Sanford.

The last meet involved us talking about cars in a parking lot, and Justin and m-b-w later grabbing food. Does that sound like fun to everyone else?


I know that there about 6-8 Oppo’s in this area (I even spotted Thunder yesterday evening), and I’d love to meet everyone else. Comment if you are interested!

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