One of the TOP questions that pops out of my email, chat, messenger, and phone is: "How do I get started in rally racing?"

I love this time of year, because the answer is easy: The CRS Rally School! February 21st 2015!


CRS is the California Rally Series, and the School has been around forever. The club gets together and teaches one of the best low budget rally schools in the country. For the price of a fancy dinner you'll get a weekend of rally overload! The school consists of an intense half day of classroom and workshops, followed by a couple of breakout sessions. Driving instruction is taught by seasoned drivers on a closed course that you will spend about half the day on Saturday thrashing around on. Co-Drivers will learn to read and dictate stage notes like a professional with help from national champions on real rally roads. Rallycrossers will get their feet wet with rally, but will focus on rallycross techniques from SCCA winning drivers. Stick around for Sunday and compete in your first Rallycross!

"R5 > 3 / cr NC into L6+ lg <
150 !! L2 > 1 rough"
Did you catch all that Co-Driver?

  • Co-Drivers need no special equipment – they will be riding in instructor vehicles.
  • Drivers should bring a street car that they are not afraid to get dirty!
  • Drivers are free to share car with friends (no more than 3 per car please).
  • Street tires with some tread left is all you need. Stop and pump them up to max pressure when you get into town. Low pressure tires, or tires with extremely thin sidewalls are not recommended.
  • A Snell 2000 Certified helmet (motorcycle or car type). These can be found used for less than $50 used. The school has some loaner helmets available, but it may reduce your practice time waiting for a helmet.

What is it like to get sideways on dirt? How much prep do I have to do to my car? Where do I get a rally driver license? How do I use this rally computer? What is that language that rally co-drivers use? What are these time cards for? How should I practice left foot braking? What do all the signs mean? Can we go get SIDEWAYS yet?


Get answers to all of these questions and more! February 21st in Ridgecrest, CA! Get a car, grab your friends, and spend a weekend learning everything you need to know to get started with performance rally! CLICK HERE TO GET SIGNED UP!


Even if you're not looking to kick off a rally championship: Anyone interested in rally will benefit from this school!
See you out there!

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