Borrowed a spare shop-vac from work (I have a little one that I didn’t want to empty after 10 seconds of succ), a large fan, and went to town trying to dry the carpet, bare floor, and pull up the rest of the laminate in the basement office to dry out what was under there (more painted concrete)

I think there is still water traversing from the shop (to the left in the above photo) under the carpet because after shop vaccing it from squishy splashy to just damp, after a few minutes it was back to squishy (but not splashy)

The laminate and under flooring is gone in the office, just some damp concrete that will air dry with all the fans I have going down there:

Anyone want to buy some slightly used wood flooring? Barely used, just installed in 2015:


There’s still water trapped under all the heavy boxes of albums we inherited from my FIL, I’m still kicking myself for not setting them on pallets like we had at the old house. We KNEW that basement leaked but were lulled into a false sense of security that this new house’s basement was bone dry and finished sometime in the 90's.

Reverse angle, more albums in damp-bottomed boxes:


Thankfully its just an empty box, but maybe I can tell insurance... I’M KIDDING.

The laundry room (where the sump and lift pumps are) was the first to dry, of course. Now there’s just shiny grey paint:


I’m waiting for all those rolls of carpet to dry/drain so they’re easier to carry up the stairs and to the trash pile growing in my garage.

Drywall will have to be removed:


Tonight I get to remove the carpet in the rec room. Its starting to stank. Fun fun.