My pt cruiser is an ‘08, I bought it in 2010. I’ve owned it for nearly eight years so far. It was also my very first car that I bought. Not sure about the rest of oppo, but I feel like that is a long time; especially in today’s society where people always want something better.

We literally have no reason to sell it; it’s paid off, it runs and drives, it’s easy to put the kids in their car seats in it, it’s a good grocery car too, the list can go on. Sure, it’s not the fastest car, nor does it get amazing gas mileage, but it performs its duties faithfully and is the only car without a check engine light on! It’s also the slowest car we own, lol.

So Oppo, what is the longest you have ever owned a car? And how long did you own your first car? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has kept a car for this long, nor still has their first car.